Monday, August 07, 2006

Local Priest takes Tobit Off-Broadway

Local priest composes ‘The Musical of Tobit’
The biblical production will be performed this month.
By LYDIA GENSHEIMER, The Kansas City Star

Around 700 B.C., a young man set off on a journey through Israel accompanied by an angel and destined to battle a demon. The story seems more biblical than Broadway, but the Rev. Kent O’Connor has figured out a way to make it both.

The whole story is HERE for another few days. Tacky. One could say more (and some of my correspondents have said more, believe me), but I don't know the priest, so I won't. I'll just say it's tacky. Isn't that charitable of me?



I think they call productions in Kansas Off-off-off-off-off-off-off-off-off-off-off Broadway. But what do I know? I did not major in dance at KU. (Isn't that like majoring in agronomy at NYU?)

JimC said...

The Angel Azariah? Was Raphael fired for creative differences?

Lee said...

“In one scene,” Daugherty said, “the music is like ‘rah, rah, rah,’ and we’re going to have girls as cheerleaders.”

Give me two in the aisle!

Fr. Kent said...

Azariah was Raphael's disguised name, by the by.