Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Missouri primary day

Today's the Missouri primary elections, and since we're not (yet) blessed with a benevolent Catholic monarch, and we're still subject to mob rule, I guess should vote. And since there's no Carlist, French legitimist, or Jacobite slate, and since I live in an area completely dominated by the corrupt Democratic machine (as opposed to JoCo, which is completely dominated by the corrupt liberal, brie-eating Republican machine), I'm going to vote in the Democratic primary.

Of course, I'm only going to do so to vote against the evil, pro-death, pro-buggery, pro-tyranny Jolie Justus (who's sent us 2 more slick, union-printed flyers since I last commented). Don't know, and don't care, who the other candidates are. Should have gotten online and checked out the rest of the ballot so I could make sure my vote didn't go to other pro-death, pro-buggery, pro-tyranny candidates (or at least any such candidates that have a snowball's chance of winning).

(Not that it will do any good. With new touch-screen voting, it's going to be so much easier and cheaper for the political machine to rig the election in favor of the bad guys than it was before. They only have to buy off one computer geek now. So much easier than registering cemetary residents under the federal voter registration fraud promotion act).

And while I'm there, I'll pray to the good king, St. Louis, that he'll intercede for us and end this insane, masonic experiment in so-called "representative democracy" before it gets really ugly.

Viva Cristo Rey! (and in the meantime, go Mike Flaherty!)


BTW, insofar as we have to suffer under universal sufferage, I would suggest that we make it a little MORE universal. Everyone should have a vote; however, that vote is cast by a parent or guardian in the case of a citizen who is under 18 years of age or otherwise dependent (except in the case of wards of the state; we can't give bureaucrats the right to vote more than once; they shouldn't have the right to vote at all). That would give our big Catholic families a voice, eh?


Anonymous said...

One other thing I forgot to add: You did know that Mike Flaherty's gay right? Go ahead and ask him. He'll tell you.

Curmudgeon said...

One "other thing" you forgot to add? Whomever you are, you didn't add anything to begin with.

I have no idea what Mike Flaherty's so-called "orientation" is, or if and to what extent he's got problems with the sixth and ninth commandments. He's never hit on me. or on anyone I know. He' didn't get the PRIDE endorsement, either.

Even if he were a homosexual, he's not promoting that agenda, and that's a far cry from you-know-who. If Flaherty is a elected, there's hope, at least, for a lessening of evils. If Justus is, there's a guaranty that they'll increase.

Anonymous said...

Evil was defeated this evening. Thank God.

Curmudgeon said...

Moving to Kansas.

Anonymous said...

well kansas is perfect for you. But perhaps you would be happier (as would we) if you packed up and hit the time machine for, say, Munich, 1936. Your hatred is half the reason Ms. Justus was elected.

Anonymous said...

Hatred? Hardly. If Curmudgeon hated the residents of this districţ he'd wish Justus upon them.

As for yourself; it's apparent that you'd be happier if your time machine transported you to Madrid 1936, amidst the soon-to-be defeated nihilist mob.

Don't worry. though; he's not out to destroy those who think like you; within a generation you'll have dwindled away destroyed yourselves, while fecund people who think like us will have bred themselves back into a solid majority, and a new generation (raised largely free from the destructive influences of television, public schooling, and other sources of cultural rot) shall begin the process of restoration.

As Curmudgeon would say. "Waa haa haa haa haaaaa!"

Anonymous said...

Is Curmudgeon a complete moron? I think so. Three cheers for Justus.

Curmudgeon said...

Me a complete moron? Well, maybe. And to think I'm filling the world with little curmudgeons that are just as moronic as me, while you and your friends are contracepting and aborting your camp away!

I do note to the laddie (or the lassie) that said "Evil was defeated this evening. Thank God!": are you making up your own definition of evil? are you making up your own God? I suspect so. Is your "god" just a personification of your will to do whatever and whomever you want? Is your "evil" just whatever you don't want to hear?