Sunday, April 02, 2006

A wicked thought

Walking around my neighborhood, there are signs that say, among other things "Support our Troops: NO WAR" "War is NOT the answer".

What FUN it would be to take a blue Sharpie marker and color out the word "NOT."

Anyways, seriously. I'm not a big fan of the war, but it's not for the reasons these people are against it. Any doubts I have in my opposition is just cognitive dissonance when I see who my fellow opponents are. So I'll lay out my objections here:

  • First, it doesn't seem justified on Catholic principles, insofar as I understand them (no not the goofball LSD-driven rants of Sister Polly Ester in National Catholic Distorter, traditional Catholic principles).
  • Second, it's damned stupid, and perhaps it violates the first commandment, to go around imposing "Democracy" as it it's some sort of great wonderful prescription for peace, of divine ordinance, when--in fact--it's a fad that has, in every case (including ours, as anyone can see) degraded to tyranny within time (a few years for some, a few decades for others, a few centuries in the best case). Recall that Hitler was elected chancellor, for instance.
  • Third, it doesn't seem prudent, going out of your way to make enemies when you don't have the resolve to follow through and liquidate them (I don't buy the BS about how the Iraqis are welcoming us).
  • Fourth, every war is an opportunity for the government to extract more from us--more of our resources, in taxes, and more of our liberties.
  • Fifth, if this is a crusade against Islam, as some pro-war Catholics would have us think, we need to think about who the crusaders are. Is our government displacing Islam with a Christian civilization, or is it peddling, or facilitating pornography, "reproductive freedom," disruption of traditional family roles, and mercantilist exploitation? Our government has no business being the protagonist in the next crusade.
So anyways, my idea for a yard sign--one that will really raise hackles in the neighborhood, is as follows:

Christianize America first:
THEN destroy Islam!

It would be a nice bumper sticker, too, eh?

I've got all kinds of ideas for bumper stickers and yard signs. I wonder, if I set up an online bumper sticker store, and solicited ideas for additional ones, and invested in the short runs of stickers, would enough people buy them to cover my costs?


Anonymous said...

I'd take a flyer with you...within reason...and a reasonable business plan...write:

Ian Andrew Palko said...

You could always set up a caf├ępress shop too and not have to worry about quantities. Down side is that you couldn't give any away and if you want to make any money you'd be selling a $3 sticker plus whatever you wanted to make off it.