Friday, April 28, 2006

I started to read this...

I still haven't looked at either the latest Catholic Key or the last two issues now of the Wanderer. Just can't bring myself to. I am concerned that one of my fellow Evil Trads made a reference to the latest Latin Mass, and I don't have that in my mailbox yet. Or maybe Mrs. Curmudgeon has hidden it from me because she know I'll disappear for a couple of evenings once I see it.

However, I was online tonight, and I started to read this, but I simply didn't get any further, since Fr. Forsen (I'm sure he prefers "Fr. Jimmy") answered the question before he posed it:
Priestly vocations in the archdiocese today
By Rev. James Forsen
With so many Catholics coming to Mass each week, with so many enthusiastic young people in our schools, religious education classes and confirmation programs, with so much vitality evident in every corner of our Church of Los Angeles (witness the thousands participating in the recent Religious Education Congress), why is there such a precipitous decline in the number of priests to serve our Church?

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CS said...

Is it because these young Catholics read The Tidings?