Monday, April 17, 2006

Social Justice or Divine Mercy and Christian Charity?

Well, I don't have time to blather on, but over the last day, in thinking about the upcoming Divine Mercy Sunday, I've been thinking again about the difference between "Social Justice" and Christian charity.

Precisely, I've been thinking about just how substantively inferior the former is to the later.

More precisely, I'm thinking about how fearful the notion of God's justice is, and how, if we really thought much about social "justice" and what that word really mean (and not what the USCCB says they mean), how we wouldn't hear these words being screamed from every chancery and RSM house, and we wouldn't see miles and miles of newsprint filled with them.

Social "justice" is something we shouldn't wish for. If justice were the order of the day for society, we'd all be suffering much, much more. I think I'll stick to Divine Mercy and Christian charity.


Anonymous said...

This is a profound post.

As Crumudgeon knows, one it to be careful for what he asks of God.

Those harping for Social Justice are, little do they know, raising the stakes of their judgment as so many of them preach but do not practice.

The Social Justice crowd want God's justice brought down upon those that they dislike, presumably for those, like illegal aliens that they use as pawns in a larger gam. They talk little of God's mercy since they are focused on the here and now.

Catholics with a larger view pray for God's mercy on all.

We are all sinners so never ask for justice, especially for others. Cop a plea and ask for mercy for yourself.

CS said...

And a lot of this 'social justice' rubbish necessarily involves higher taxes, lower-quality medical care (READ: 'free health care') and an overall worse life for those very persons whom it seeks to help.