Monday, April 03, 2006

Bp. Bruskewitz at it again!

Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz is at it again, showing why he's one of my favorite bishops (despite the distemper he's shown to certain traditionalists and his other faults).

Yes, I know I said he'd wouldn't make much of a Cardinal not long ago, and I stand by that assessment, but he makes a helluva Bishop, at least in comparison to his brethren.

So, the head of the National Review Board from the USCCB "talking about touching" office in its annual audit report writes as follows (you know, the board that Wilton Gregory and his buddies have populated by pro-aborts, heretics, RSM's, and other Commonweal-reading vermin):
It disheartens the Board, however, that the bishop of the Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska, and the Eparch of the Eparchy of Newton for Melkite Catholics in Newton, Massachusetts, have refused to participate in the audit process, and the Board calls for strong fraternal correction in these refusals.
To which Bp. Bruskewitz responds:

Some woman named Patricia O'Donnell Ewers, who is the Chair of something called "A National Review Board for the Protection of Children and Young People", has said that her Board "calls for strong fraternal correction of the Diocese of Lincoln."

The Diocese of Lincoln has nothing to be corrected for, since the Diocese of Lincoln is and has always been in full compliance with all laws of the Catholic Church and with all civil laws. Furthermore, Ewers and her Board have no authority in the Catholic Church and the Diocese of Lincoln does not recognize them as having any significance.

It is well known that some of the members of Ewers' Board are ardent advocates of partial birth abortion, other abortions, human cloning, and other moral errors. It is understandable then how such persons could dislike the Diocese of Lincoln, which upholds the moral teaching of the Catholic Church.

The words attributed to Ewers seem to confirm the suspicion that the members of her Board are unfamiliar with Catholic teachings, Catholic ecclesiology, and even the basic rudiments of the Catholic Catechism. Rather than concerning themselves with the Diocese of Lincoln about which they appear completely ignorant, Ewers and her colleagues would occupy themselves in a better way by learning something about the Catholic religion and the traditions and doctrines and laws of the Catholic Church.

The Diocese of Lincoln does not see any reason for the existence of Ewers and her organization.

Mind you, this wasn't an "off-the-cuff" response in an interview. This was a prepared statement. Hilarious and heartening to hear a successor of the apostles give such an dressing-down to such a self-important person who is caught up in, and being an operative in the new mode of "being Church." Meeting the haughtiness of assumed authority with the haughtiness of apostolic authority! Huzzah!

Gotta love him. Of course, he's one of the few who could get away with it, because his success in Lincoln cannot be challenged (even the mass media, in its criticism of Lincoln as the only place without Altar Chicks and with occasional excommunications, has to admit its success). I only hope that one of Bp. Bruskewitz's brethren does, in fact, take the opportunity to break "collegiality" and attempt to publicly chastize him. Then Bp. Bruskewitz will be justifiably unleashed, and it will be "Sic' em, Fabian, SIC' em!"

Imagine this coming out of the Lincoln chancery, or better yet, being given as a response to Raymond Arroyo's question on EWTN:

Bishop Skylstad, having run his own diocese into the ground, having driven away people in the pews and potential vocations, and having squandered the spiritual material patrimony of the people of Spokane with homosexual clergy, trial lawyers and federal bankruptcy judges, now stands in a position where he believes he can do the same of the rest of the country, and he is incensed that his reach does not extend to Lincoln. I cannot speak for my brother bishops, but I will not let him do the same to the people of Lincoln. He has no authority here. This diocese will no longer contribute to or participate in the operation of the USCCB, and Bp. Skylstad is forbidden to set foot within the diocese of Lincoln for any reason.

Mmmm. What a happy, happy thought.

We understand why our own Bishop Finn must have participated in the study this can't turn the ship around on a dime, and Finn needs to have his own record of success established before he can get away with the same things as his brother to the north...but we hope that in the next few years, he, too, will stand with Bruskewitz and send the Board packing.

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Anonymous said...

You gotta love Bp. Bruskewitz. God bless him for having the spine to stand up against all the crap that has been going on in the U.S., especially on this latest issue.

Side note: I lived in Lincoln for 5 years and was an altar boy for 3 years. Up there, serving at our Lord's altar at Mass was a "manly" thing, something we boys were proud to do (we'd argue about who got to serve at daily school masses). Then my family moved to a KC suburb, and I found out very quickly that serving at mass was not the "cool" thing to do. It was something girls and fourth graders did. I have to wonder how many young men would have heard God calling them to the priesthood through serving at mass, but did not serve at mass because it was a "girly" thing to do.

I know specifically of one young man who heard God calling him to the priesthood in Lincoln, only to have it discouraged when he moved to our diocese. Bishop Finn made it a lot easier for him to look into entering the diocesan priesthood for the KC-St. Joe Diocese. Without Bp. Finn, he may have gone to another diocese.