Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mmmm. Hot Dogs

Maybe it's just the Lenten fast getting to me, or the fact that the clock just struck midnight, but I've been thinking about Wienerschnitzel (no, not the cutlet you can order in Austria; I'm thinking about the cheap hot dog place).

I grew up near a Wienerschitzel. I really wish we lived close to a Wienerschnitzel. I ate there a lot when I was nearly broke and had to collect sticky nickels, dimes and quarters out from under my car seat. I also ate there a lot when I was on my way home from drinking bouts.

If memory serves me, I could sometimes, with a coupon, get two chili cheese dogs, fries and a small drink for a buck and a half or something like that (it was 20 years ago).

Hmmm. Wienerschnitzel.


CS said...

Those are some profound thoughts in that ad...

Did they take that 'W' idea from Whataburger or the other way around?

Curmudgeon said...

Dunno. I think the logo's been around since the early sixties. I don't know about Whattaburger's logo.

Mmmm. Thanks for reminding me of Whattaburger. Puts most fast food to shame. Breakfast-on-a-bun Ranchero. Mmmm. Especially nice to think about it on a day of abstinence.

We don't have Whattaburgers in Kansas City--I miss them from my days down south. When they televise Big 12 events, they advertise Whattaburger, just to tease us northerners.