Sunday, September 03, 2006

That sticker again...

Orville and I haven't talked since Thursday, but we were thinking along the same lines this evening. Just a reminder... They're Lying. It's Cloning. Vote No.
The sticker monkeys tell me they have a new order coming in at some point next week, which includes more of the one above and a new one. Just in time for the upcoming rally:
Christians Against Human Cloning Rally on September 11th. Guest speakers will be Dr. Alan Keyes and Dr. Rick Rick Scarborough. Location is First Baptist Church Raytown, 10500 E. State Rt 350, Raytown, MO. It begins at 7 p.m. This rally is endorsed by Archbishop Raymond Leo Burke, Bishop Robert W. Finn, Dr. David Clippart - Exec. Dir. - Missouri Baptist Convention, Rev. Gary Fry - Exec., Dir - MO State Free Will Baptist Association; Dr. John Marshall - Exec. Pastor - Second Batpist Church of Springfield,; Kay Meyer - resident of Family Shiled Ministries, Inc; Dick Bott - Bott Radio Network; Phyllis Schlafly - President of Eagle Forum; Dave and Joyce Meyer - Joyce Meyer Ministries; Dr. Monte Shinkle - Concord Baptist Church; Archbishop Irl Gladfelter - The Evangelical Community Church - Lutheran. For more information please go to

Well, even though the rally is being held at the facilities of a heretical sect, the Curmudgeon will probably go (it can't be any worse than when my correspondent went to the Unitarian Church to hear Bp. Tom Gumbleton a while back). After all, side-by-side work on the anti-Stowers-funded-babykillin' campaign is a two fold opportunity: fighting back the post-Christian culture of death as well as leading a prot or two into the arms of Holy Mother Church.

BTW, it was suggested that someone email me if they want a sticker. Not so. I don't have any (except for what's on my car). Maybe if you email the sticker guys at, they can send you some. I would assume that's why they put their email on the sticker.


hilary said...

held at the facilities of a heretical sect,

well, it's probably OK. But when they pass around a little basket with little biscuits and a teeny little thimble of wine,

Just Say No.

hilary said...

BTW Fred,

Is there a website or anything that the sticker came from?

If there is a group doing it, it might be worth a lookie from Lifesite for Tues.


What? These stickers aren't all over Parkdale?

Curmudgeon said...

A Teeny little thimble of wine? Naw, when I was growing up, the Baptists just used grape juice. Our Lord, I was told, wouldn't have tippled (which of course makes one wonder how on earth they kept grape juice around from the summer harvest to the next spring in the first-century Palestine without refrigeration).

But thanks for the warning. I'll skim through Mortalium Animos again before the rally.

Dust I Am said...

Hope the Baptists' have a large place. I hope to be there, too.