Saturday, September 30, 2006

Audio Recordings of Finn and Keyes at the Rally Against Human Cloning

Earlier this month, I published my roving correspondent's report from the Rally Against Human Cloning held at First Baptist Church of Raytown, at which Dr. Alan Keyes spoke.

In perusing the internet this morning (postponing my chore for the day--crawling under the house to get ready for winter), I ran across a page on the Bott Radio Network which includes photos of the event and and audio recordings of all the major speeches, including Bishop Finn's and Alan Keyes'.

CLICK HERE to go to the page.


PS, Catholics should be cautious about some of the other material on their site.


Anonymous said...

what type of chores are you saving for Sunday???

Curmudgeon said...

Sunday? Oh, I'm going to replumb a bathroom, then dig up my garden, paint the house, fix fence and build a deck. Probably will skip Mass altogether so I'll have more time for menial work and a trip to the mall.

Actually, I got done most of what I needed to get done yesterday. The rest can wait.