Sunday, September 17, 2006

Kathleen Sebelius Fan Club . . . They're having a conference next week!

Orville emailed me yesterday afternoon to share with me the statement of a Kansas activist group, Kansans for Faithful Citizenship (and by activist group, perhaps it's just a website run by one overweight dateless wonder living above the Red Lyon in Lawrence and getting a grand a month from Dan Watkins and his leftist cronies to maintain an internet presence).

I guess Orville was trying to restart my rant from Thursday.

Anyways, here's the link to the group's May press release.

I'm all ranted out this morning, but I'm happy to share the link. Do enjoy it, Mom. They seem like your kinda people. Solid faithful Catholics all--not like those Latin Massers.

UPDATE...9am Sunday

I just learned that this isn't just the website of a left-wing slacker in Lawrence; this is a real group, of sorts, with a Fall Conference planned and everything. Mom, you may want to attend:

Kansans for Faithful Citizenship
invites you to participate in a conference on faith and public life:
Leadership for the Common Good, A New Moral Vision for Kansas

Featuring Keynote addresses from:
Governor Kathleen Sebelius and
Tom Roberts, Editor in Chief of the National Catholic Reporter

Saturday September 23rd from 10:00-4:00
at the Double Tree Hotel on College Blvd in Overland Park, KS.

Pre-registration cost $20.00 and includes either a standard or veggie lunch. Registration at the door without lunch will cost $10.00.

The conference will also include panel discussions and workshops featuring John Halpin, the Center for American Progress’ chief strategist on the common good, Dr. Robert Harder, former Kansans SRS Secretary, Sister Jeanne Christensen RSM, Bert Braud JD and representatives from the Kansas Sierra Club.
Thank God they'll have a veggie lunch available. Aren't all RSM's vegans now?
Please, somebody (on our side, whichever side that is), GO TO THIS CONFERENCE! If you have a strong faith and a strong stomach, GO! I have a conflict next weekend, but I'm quite eager to hear about it; I will post your report.


cranky said...

"Faithful" what, exactly? Kansas? the Nancy Sibelius Fan Club bylaws? Is this some effort to kidnap God and say something about how pro-abortion forces have a faith (of sorts)that's just as good as that of the awful ol' right wingers ?

I keep thinking about the potential for a Howard Dean of the praries.

Anonymous said...

Sister Jeanne-Christensen is head of the Peace & Justice Office for the Kansas City -St. Joseph dioceses.

Curmudgeon said...

STILL? I was thinking that she was sent packing.

...wait a minute...

I just checked. She's is not head of the Peace n' Justice office. Someone else is.

...wait another minute...

I just checked the chancery employee list. She's not there. She's attending the Sebelius rally on Saturday as a relic of the Boland era, undoubtedly, to get it a knock or two at his successor.

Can somebody tell me where she's RSM'ing now?