Thursday, September 21, 2006

Takes one to know one...

Chavez calls Bush a "devil."

"Hugo, it's George. We missed you at Mephistopheles' party last night. It was great. Robespierre got smashed and puked all over Stalin. Pol Pot got rowdy, too. Where were you? Out drinking with Screwtape's friends?"

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cranky said...

I agree with everything you say here. (And besides, it's clever. I often like clever, even when I disagree with something's content.) But one good thing did happen with Chavez's trip: For just one moment Nancy Pelosi and Charley Rangel stood up. Ms Pelosi called Chavez " a thug" and Rangel said that Chavez had gone over the line calling his president a devil.

Now, they haven't reformed or anything. Pelosi is still likely salivating at the prospect of subpoena power. But just for a moment I felt warm. Then I realized I had the heater on the my car rather than the a/c.