Saturday, September 16, 2006

No time for heretics and dissenters

I've told a number of people that it was my intent to go to the "Topics to Go" program at the Unitarian church today, where the National Catholic Reporter staff and other Commonweal-readin', granola-chewin', buggery-luvin', labrynth-walkin', priestess-promotin' pseudo-Catholics gather to hear someone from out of town dissenter promote one or another form of heresy and absurdity. Today's topic was "Holy Orders and Marriage" by some Jesuit priest I haven't heard of. I had to think he was going to argue for combining the two sacraments or otherwise mixing them up, and perhaps reordering what constitutes valid matter (by the sexes) for the recipients of both.

But I'll never know.

Too much going on today; behind at the office, lots of delayed housework, a couple of hours with the kids at the airshow, and no time left for heretics and dissenters.

But if you did attend, email me and give me the details.

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Anonymous said...

Well, at least the Unitarians were having a Sunday talk about something having to do with religion, all be it B.S. Here in Manhattan they usually seem to talk about topics in the realm of social concerns, etc. Anyone feel like trading the Eucharist for a talk on recycling? The blind leading the blind, right into the Unitarian “church.”