Sunday, September 10, 2006

Stuff going on...lots of stuff.

Been extraordinarily busy with real life again over the last week, and the next one promises to be no different, so posting will continue to be light.

However, I do want to point to information on upcoming Kansas City activities which is given on Dust of the Time.
  • The first, tomorrow night's Anti-Cloning Rally, though billed as "ecumenical" is worthwhile and unlikely to be a danger to one's soul (unless, as Hilary warned, they pass out crackers and little thimbles of grape juice). Whatever allies we can get, right? And besides, it's an opportunity to invite our heretical brethren to the One True Church. Plus, Alan Keyes will be there. That is noteworthy, if for no other reason, because the only bumper sticker I have ever had on my car, prior to the current anti-cloning stickers, was one for his last presidential campaign: Alan Keyes 2000.
  • The second event should be great, and much more intellectually stimulating (if not as rousing) as the first. After all, consider who one of the speakers will be.
  • The third is something I'm not sure what to think of now: a meeting of the reform-of-the-reform crowd. Obviously, some sort of gradual restoration of the sacred will have to take place; the Pope isn't likely to stand at the window of the apostolic palace one day and simply wipe out everything that occurred to the liturgy since the promulgation of the 1962 Missal (even though his predecessors had no qualms about wiping out everything that occurred before it). But I'm not sure that anyone will get to the root of the problem at this meeting in Kansas City. I would be quite interested, though, to hear a report from someone who does attend.
Also, a fourth event. It's coming up soon, and it should be a hoot! If anyone interested in covering it for the blog (or perhaps for the Wanderer, or even for a real news outlet), I just got confirmation that the "kinda-sorta-Catholic" crowd that reads the National Catholic Reporter is has it's next "Topics To Go" seminar at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church at 9:30 am next Saturday, September 16? The speaker is Fr. Dirk Dunfee and the topic is "Marriage and Ordination: a historical review and discussion of two sacraments that touch the lives of every Catholic." It won't be quite as interesting as last time, when the heresy came from the mouth of a Bishop (Tom Gumbleton-surprise!), and not a mere priest, but if you're strong in your faith, and you've got a St. Benedict medal on, you may be interested in getting the story (let me guess: there should be a married priesthood, and divorce is okey-dokey, so long as you feel bad about it).

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