Friday, October 14, 2005

Where do these people come from?

As of today, I've had over 500 page views and 261 unique visitors to this blog (OK, make that 259, as two of these "visitors" are actually me, from the two computers I use to post). I probably get 5-10 new visitors and 5-10 returning visitors every day.

Sure, that's nothing to an Amy Wellborn or a Mark Shea or a Rocco de Palmo. They all have something to say (and on the days they don't, they manage to say nothing in an artful, entertaining, and well-proofread way). But that's a lot of visitors for some schmuck in Kansas City who really has nothing to say and who has only brought this blog to the attention of a handful of people. How on earth do people find out about these things?

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