Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Isn't it interesting how people you work with or work for naturally assume that you, as a similarly educated, similarly situated person, agree with them on all the issues of the day. What smugness! I'm surprised by it (but then, I assume that nobody agrees with me on anything--quite the opposite of this sort of person).

Standing around the coffee pot at the office, I listened to one of the senior folks at my office going on and on to some folks about the decision of Paul Morrison to challenge Phill Kline in the Kansas Attorney General's election. As it has with this person in the past, shots were fired at the religious right.

I gave this person a big, knowing smile as walked by. I keep trying to make it obvious, without saying so, that "mild mannered me" is really a reactionary, theocratic, choleric, monarchist, right-wing nut. I wonder if this person hasn't picked up on it, or just doesn't care.

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