Sunday, October 09, 2005

KC Traddies on the move

A quick post about current events in KC: The word on the street is that today was first the Sunday Mass for the new ICRSS rector of the Old St. Patrick's Oratory community, which Bishop Finn has established on the Missouri side. Don't have a report on that yet. Also today, a second priest arrived to assist the overworked FSSP chaplain of the the Kansas-side traditional community at Blessed Sacrament. I don't know his name, the likely period of his tenure, or anything else about him, but the chaplain will certainly benefit from the help.

I also heard that the Kansas-side community is moving the time for their missa lecta on Sunday mornings. Low Mass will, starting in November, be at 9:30am, instead of 7:30 am. That change (made necessary by the rescheduling of the single novus ordo Mass at the "landlord" parish as the pastor takes on additional duties) is a disappointment. I regularly got up early go alone to low Mass on Sunday mornings. It was wonderful to assist at Mass with nothing in my hands but my Missal and no one to keep quiet but myself, and I could then take the whole family to a later Mass and do a better job of managing the children for Mrs. Curmudgeon's benefit. Also, when we were going on day trips to visit parents, etc., I took the family to low Mass and got an early start out of town.

It will certainly be missed. All the more reason for the Kansas-side traddies to get their own church.

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