Sunday, October 02, 2005

Catholic Key letters

There have been three issues of The Catholic Key now without reader letters. Probably a good thing to avoid them, I'd say. They seemed to be selected by the editor for the purpose of embarrassing his boss--but they only served to show that the editor and the letter writers themselves were out of step, caught in a 1970s loop.

I jumped in and subscribed to The Catholic Key just as soon as McBrien got the boot, as a show of support for Bp. Finn. However, I can't say I've been that impressed with the paper. Sure, the content isn't as progressive, heterodox and politically liberal as it was years ago, but (I'm sorry your excellency) it's still not that interesting. I don't care about a high school library fundraiser (particularly when the books the students are interested in obtaining are of dubious merit). I just don't. I'm glad that we're not getting feature-after-feature of someone espousing a protestant notion of the Eucharist at a Catholic conference, and all that, anymore. But I hope that space is filled with something more interesting soon.

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