Monday, October 24, 2005

Pius XII in a galero (Cappello Romano?)*

The Evil Traditionalists at Traditio in Radice and Inquisitor Generalis (who still haven't deemed me worthy) are all focused on finding pictures of supreme pontiffs in galeros (galeri?), cappa magnas (cappae magnae?) and suchlike. Here's my humble offering from my semi-regular search of eBay for interesting pope prints--Pius XII in a galero.

In case you're interested, this photo is actually on sale at eBay.
Click here. (No commission earned). Pretty cool, but my wife is going to kill me when I get my print of Guy Fawkes from the UK (I forgot about ridiculous exchange rates as I was bidding), so I'll have to pass.

* Note added 10/27/2005: Actually Pius XII appears to be wearing a cappello romano, and one that is much less silly than that worn by the wikipedia model above.

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