Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Squishy Alliancce.

I'm still editing, but I just learned that there is a webring entitled The Alliance for Moderate, Liberal and Progressive Blogs. Wow. Isn't controlling the major media outlets enough? Here's part of their schtick:

The Alliance for Moderate, Liberal and Progressive Blogs is primarily a religious blogring, but we also welcome those who maintain politically and socially moderate, liberal and progressive blogs. NOTE: Religious intolerance is STRICTLY prohibited. The administrator reserves the right to decide what is and is not religious intolerance, and to expel any member acting out of religious intolerance without warning.

Doesn't sound very tolerant to me, now does it? Be careful not to mention the Gospels in that ring.

This of course brings to bear the questions "What is tolerance?" and "What is prejudice?." Curmudgeon has some good answers (or rather, Curmudgeon can repeat someone else's good answers as if they were his own) in due time. Now back to editing.

Perhaps I should try to join the Squishy Alliance myself, just to see how long it takes to be shown the door.

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