Monday, September 19, 2005

Confirming Cardinal Pompeda wasn't there

Shortly after (and actually before) the meeting between Pope Benedict and Bp. Bernard Fellay of the SSPX a few weeks back, those with axes to grind with the SSPX started grumbling, and cwnews ran an article featuring a certain Cardinal Pompeda, a retired tribunal officer, making HIS conditions for a regularization of the SSPX known to the press. (I'd link the article but I can't access cwnews' website right now).

CWNEWS, which is a reliable source of information on most other Catholic topics, presented the Cardinal's comments as those of a Roman official, if not Official Rome. Many readers might have been led to believe that the Cardinal's conditions were relevant to the discussions taking places (as opposed to the Holy Father's conditions, or the SSPX's conditions). The obvious question that nobody at cwnews answered was, "Was His Eminence even at the meeting?"

I think we have an answer now. Papabile's blog includes an excerpt of the
DICI interview with Bp. Fellay, which confirms that while Benedict and Fellay were meeting, Pompeda may have been enjoying a nice lunch with his personal secretary in a trattoria somewhere and prepping for his media event. Maybe he wasn't doing that, but wherever he was, Pompeda was not at the meeting.

I simply don't understand why (what Jeff and Todd would describe as "conservative" Catholics), and generally sensible folks like those at cwnews, are so eager to interfere with (and faciliate those who wish to interfere with) the reconciliation of the SSPX. Is it not obvious that the SSPX would be better off within the regular structure of the Church, and the Church would benefit as well? One expects bombthrowing from the NC Reporter crowd, but not from cwnews. I'm thinking of dropping my subscription and depriving them of my $2.95 oer month.

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