Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I finally heard the future Chief Justice speak.

Yesterday, I heard future Chief Justice John Roberts speak for the first time. I was walking through a lounge area past a TV, and I stopped for less than a minute. He sounds like a well-prepared appellate lawyer. Imagine that? What else is there to learn from the show?

I haven't paid much attention to the proceedings and don't hold out much hope that Roberts will be another Scalia. I did, however, look at the transcript of Teddy Kennedy's "questions" to Mr. Roberts, as well as some of the other Senators' transcripts. Is being the Chief really worth sitting through two days of those numbskulls talking at you? Certainly not for me. After all this talk about Roe, Roe, Roe your boat (where the real cases these days center around Planned Parenthood v. Casey, as any undergraduate who showed up for his "introduction to law" class should be able to tell you), I'd have finally stood up and shouted "Hey you clowns, read the Constitution! See Article V? It's YOUR job, not the Court's, to change the Constitution to suit the times! If you want to make sacrosanct right to scrape your mistress's troubles away in the Constitution, pass a frickin' amendment and put it there! (or in your case, Senator Kennedy, just drive her off a bridge and leave her and her fetus to drown). It just ain't there right now. In the meantime, spare me your 'emanations' and 'penumbras!' Instead, ask me some tough questions about what I'll really be doing most of my career--resolving disputes between the circuits on telecom law and banking regulations and assigning other lower-court judges to committees! If you can't handle those sorts of questions, just yield your seat to one of your staff, because you can't even read your 4x6 cards well!"

And that's why I'll never be a politician. One must be a fool or suffer them well.

The other disappointing thing was his associating himself with Jack Kennedy's abjuration of faith speech. Exactly what nuances he avoided when he said he agreed with JFK? Time will tell. But I again (another reason why I'm not a politician), I would have used the opportunity to speak a little truth about JFK in front of his baby brother. If Roberts would have done that, I would have stayed in front of the TV all day(but only if they showed a split screen with Teddy melting down upon hearing such things said about America's secular saint).

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