Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No friend of the OKC Traddies

Fr. Jack Feehily, in the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, apparently can't wait to add his screed to the dunghill of motu proprio criticism. You might have missed it, but an OKC local pointed it out to me. On page 13 of the current issue of the diocesan newspaper, the Sooner Catholic, he complains to the editor about the paper's announcement of a Solemn High Mass in Kingfisher. Apparently, Fr. Feehily thinks publicity for the traditional Mass is verboten. And he repeats the usual, insulting crap about how there's no active participation in our little nostalgic exercise.

Not remarkable: I'm just posting a link to it because it might otherwise be missed.

Yet further proof that Holy Orders is no cure for idiocy or deviousness, whichever may be the motivating force in this case. Naturally he omitted fact that the Mass that "came about as the result of a great church council" was concocted by a freemason and protestants, and was (to quote somebody with a little more clout than Fr. Feehily) "a banal, on-the-spot product," and he of course omitted the fact that the codification of the Mass that saved Holy Mother Church from the heresies of the Protestant Revolt came out of a far more august and important council, Trent.

And hey, when he says "there can be no going back," I'm sure his congregation of one- and two-child families, who catch Mass whenever it doesn't interfere with soccer tournaments, would agree. But it won't be long until the large families of backwards, nostalgia-addled traddies outnumber the likes of his. Of course, he ends with a statement that the newfangled Mass is a call "to transform the world." Nevermind how the world has transformed the new Mass or the bulk of the Church, eh?

Well, were I in OKC, I'd issue a challenge: pick three kids and three grownups at random out of Father Feehily's congregation. Pick three kids and three grownups out of the traddie community, again at random. Then quiz each on what's happening at Mass. Keep going and quiz them on their catechism. I think we'll know then who's getting more out of Mass.

But of course, then, I'm sure Fr. Feehily would much rather take refuge in his glittering generalities and his certitude that somehow modern man has figured out (in between soccer games and Star Trek reruns) something new about his faith--something that was completely missed by the thousands of martyrs and saints that preceded us.


bobw45 said...

Sorry to hear about Fr. Feehily. I believe Archbishop Beltran of the OKC diocese is friendly towards the TLM. When he was in charge of the Tulsa diocese, I believe it was he who encouraged the Benedictine monks from Fontgombault, France to come to eastern Oklahoma and build the Our Lady of the Annunciation Clear Creek Monastery.

Patrick Kinsale said...

Were I the editor of that paper, I would not have run that letter. It can itself cause confusion among the faithful, and embarrassment to the writer. I would have written a private note back to the priest thanking him for his time and educating him about the areas where he is so clearly wrong.

Curmudgeon said...

Agreed, the Archbishop of OKC has been far more solicitous than most. It's a credit to him that he doesn't take counsel from the likes of Fr. Feehily. If only we were so fortunate here in KC.

Anonymous said...


I presume you meant KC, KS and not KC, MO.

Curmudgeon said...

Yes, I meant Kansas. Sorry for the ambiguity. The Missouri side has as friendly a Bishop as one could hope for in this day and age, if not better than one could hope for.

Anonymous said...

But it won't be long until the large families of backwards, nostalgia-addled traddies outnumber the likes of his

When I have a family, I'm aiming for six bare minimum; at that rate, we Trads can outpopulate the NO lovers in only a few decades. As always, down with birth control.

Anonymous said...

As a former parishoner of Fr Feehily, I was quite shocked, to say the least, to read his letter to the Sooner Catholic.

I'm not sure just how aware Fr. Feehily was of our wonderful Archbishop's support regarding the extraordinary form of the Mass, but I'm trusting and hoping that he IS now.
In the very near future I plan to write a respectful reply to Fr Fehilly,....but not, as I've got to get ready to go to a Latin class at St. Michaels.

Curmudgeon,....your entry regarding your visit to St. Michaels Parish in Bethany was wonderful! Thank you so very much, I think I can speak for the rest of the members when I say that you will always be welcome here, and please, do come back.

cranky said...

So good to read you again.

Rae said...


A tangential comment--and to be sure, an overreaction!... While I realize that in using the phrase "one- and two-child families" so negatively you mean only to criticize the prevalence of birth control, it still bothers me to find evidence that others do make assumptions (understandably, of course) based on the size of families! Although we do not use birth control, month after month goes by without conception.... If a one or two-child family is a badge of sin, what would you think if you saw my husband and me--childless--beside you in the pew? (I would love to have even one or two children!! Adoption is an option for us.)

I'm sorry to react so personally to a throw-away phrase... It's just that the creation of an overall atmosphere in which even "one or two-child families" are immediately suspect, could deprive infertile Catholics (who already ask themselves such painful questions as "Why haven't we been chosen?" and "Doesn't God think that we'd be good parents?") of support from traditional communities.

PS: I do love your blog, and intend to keep reading!!

Curmudgeon said...

Of course, Rae, a family with one or two or no children is not cause for scandal. As you say, there are some families that are naturally that size, and there are some folks who, after finally pulling themselves out of the contraceptive culture, don't have time to make up much ground. I for one am not among those blessed with enough kids to field a basketball team.

The criticism is of course a whole parish of them...of the mentality that runs through the Catholics that haven't made a radical break with the culture. Believe me I know that mentality first hand.

Jen said...

Hooray for Jack Feelihy and all other priest who support his feelings. At last, someone speaks truth to power. If more of us do not continue to do this, the window that Pope John XXIII opened will continue to close. We cannot let that happen. We have a voice. Let's use it!

Curmudgeon said...

Jen, "truth to power?" As for "truth," I can't imagine what you mean. Anyone who has any idea of the collapse of Holy Mother Church since John XXIII "opened the window" and let in the smoke of Satan couldn't call Feehily's notion "truth." And power? You've got to be kidding. the Feehily's of the world are running most dioceses.

Meanwhile, I stand by my comment above--in a random sample of traddies, I believe you'll find a more active participation at Mass (interior participation, which is what matters), and a more informed and thoughtful faith, than you will in any random sample from a Feehily congregation.

Feehily and priests that think like him are dying, retiring, and not getting replaced. Vocations are coming from large, tradition oriented families, and they're willing to embrace the whole Church, not just the part that's infused with the Spirit of Vatican II. The Feehily mentality is a losing mentality, as it deserves to be.