Saturday, September 08, 2007

Catholic Separatists

If only there were time, I'd form a Catholic Separatist internet group (which would, I daydream, coalesce into a real--not just virtual--Catholic Separatist movement).

In recent travels through various parts of the country, I've been thinking a good deal about what it would be like if ten or fifteen or fifty thousand (if there are fifty thousand) of us all moved to one place, admitting the truth that the lodges and the socialists have won and that our government and social structures are degenerate beyond saving. We'd go somewhere out of the way--an arid plateau somewhere, or perhaps the state of North Dakota--and refuse to submit to the the corruption of our children and interference with our families and crippling, confiscatory taxation, and we'd go it on our own...until, of course, the government burned us out, threw the survivors in prison, and put our children on an intensive MTV regimen in homosexual foster homes to get them "caught up" with their peers.

But there isn't time. I'm too busy with family projects and breadwinning and long-neglected reading, so I won't start the group. But I invite anyone of like mind (although very few people read the blog anymore, now that I've quit posting regularly), with more leisure time, to have a crack at it. If you do, I'll stop by from time to time, pound out something inflammatory, and disappear for weeks.

I've put some of my daydreams to pen (actually, to keyboard), and maybe I'll post them to get the idea down the road.

In the meantime, please, somebody get us started.

Angry cholerics only need apply. The world needs contemplatives, but not in this sort of venue.


Anonymous said...

You could call the community "Jonestown."

cranky said...

What am I missing here?

Mary said...

What about an angry contemplative?

Anonymous said...

I say, GO!! The sooner the better. Maybe we'll get lucky and all of you hotdogs will turn into a human igloo in the moderate climate of January in Bismark.

Curmudgeon said...

Ok, after seven more years of traddie dealings, I repudiate this post and all the ones related to this idea. A traddie firing squad is a circle. We are all on our own because we can work together.