Thursday, February 15, 2007

I have a disgruntled fan!

Well, most of my old fans (maybe four out of the five of them) were disgruntled about one thing or another. Why else would they have followed my 15-month, 500-page saga of hair-tearing, windmill-tilting, and foaming at the mouth?

But there's one who's disgruntled about me....the Slackjawed Trad.

I kinda like him, so far.


doogie said...

Oh! I like cranky people! The world needs more of them :)

p.s. -- if you are going to quit blogging, then you need to stop reading blogs, responding to blogs, and posting blogs! Stop teasing us!

SleepyBob said...

Hey Caveman! You're stiring back to life? Come back man. Your input is missed.

doogie said...


I see Mr. Curmudgeon has a new photo --- could be promising!

cranky said...
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cranky said...

New picture. Should significance be attached to it? Thank you for...a consistent voice. You were missed.

Does Mrs, Curmudgeon know? approve? still speak?

6:35 AM, February 19, 2007