Monday, February 19, 2007

British media faux pas; a bad report on the culture of death

One of my physician friends sent this over....
By Martyn Halle
EXTRA checks have been introduced at a hospital after a woman gave birth to a healthy baby - even though she'd had an abortion. Managers at Derby City General Hospital said additional measures have been implemented to prevent a repeat incident.

It seems that the British press isn't quite so savvy as ours. You'd never have the Wichita Eagle Beacon reporting on something so hideous as the birth of a child happening at Tiller's chop-shop on Kellogg, although one surmises that such a thing happens on a regular basis there, but is quickly . . . . corrected. My physician friend notes the quote at the end:
The local NHS trust carried out 1,301 abortions last year. A hospital spokesman said: "Although this happens rarely, a continuing pregnancy is a risk of this procedure. We take great care to minimise this."

I'm sure they do.

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