Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Anglican Schmanglican.

Well, at least it's obvious that the British hierarchy isn't particularly interested in winning souls to the one true faith. Twice this summer, in June and in July, before I gave up blogging, I ranted against the (widely expected) non-response of American prelates to the latest Episcopalian outrage. At least the Americans and the Brits are in step:

English Catholic, Anglican bishops in 1st joint meeting

In England as well as here, it's no skin off the real Bishops' back that the heretics are "consecrating" chicks as "bishops" and giving the green flag to infanticide. They must stand shoulder to shoulder with the laymen in the pretty robes who have occupied our Churches for centuries, and see to "our responsibility to work together as partners in mission and service to the people of our country."

Shh! Don't as what mission, or what service.


Fr. John said...

Amen. Antichrist is coming soon and with great power. The ground work for apostasy has already been well established.

unreconstructed said...

There's been alot of talk about the 'dictatorship of relativism', how important it is that we oppose it etc etc, - the anglicans epitomize it!! As far as I can tell they positively glory in it.

"partners in mission" ...??? simply impossible.

(curmudgeon, keep posting)

Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

The poor English Martyrs. How sad that "Catholic" honchoes consider their deaths meaningless.

And yes... stick with blogging!