Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ah, Kansas City!

Now that I'm not blogging anymore, I had time for a little drive while the rest of the Curmudgeons were napping. I happened to be headed southeast when a picture that sums up Kansas City came into frame on my camera phone. Here' it is:

1. A Planned Parenthood Clinic in the foreground .
2. The Stowers Institute for Child Sacrifice in the background (look down the alley).
3. Between them, a road sign for, "Emmanuel Cleaver II Boulevard," named after our pro-abort, corrupt former mayor and current congressman (oh yeah, and protestant minister).

And, just for good measure, here's a picture of the "Clone Me State" flag wafting in the breeze in front of the Stowers Institute.

I've got now got a State Senator who's sole agenda is to promote her own "alternative" lifestyle, I've got a new form of baby-killin' enshrined in my constitution (with a promise of public funding to come), not to mention a goofball New Age channelling mayor, and a billion dollar light rail system with gondolas to boot. Meanwhile, they can't keep the noise under control, the graffiti cleaned up, and the potholes filled. Everything you hate about the last century is right here in Kansas City. Everything that's bad about big city politics is right here in Kansas City. Please somebody get me out of here!

Monarchy Now! Viva Franco!


Caterinato said...

Oh, but I thought that the Godless libs were supposed to turn society into Utopia!?

Steve said...

Lucky, lucky you.