Sunday, June 04, 2006

St. Agnes

Well, I'm so slow off the mark that much of what I intended to say about the St. Agnes situation has already been said. Take this line from Wolftracker at Kansas City Catholic:
I still can't get past the fact that he brought the choir into the church and had practice there. I am quite sure he did not take the trouble to have the Blessed Sacrament removed when he did so. To think of Our Lord, a prisoner in the tabernacle, being made to listen to a medley of Judy Garland hits in the sanctuary of a house of God. Goodness gracious.

How does one top that'n? I'm ignoring the clever double-entendre in elsewhere that post as can speak for itself.

Anyways, kudos again to Msgr. Applegate for doing his duty (which shouldn't be a remarkable thing, but sadly, it is), and kudos to the chancery for standing behind him. Archbishop Naumann has been frightfully quiet in his time in office, and while one doesn't want to spend too much energy comparing Bishops (there's no a Fantasy Church league), Naumann has, until now, failed to show himself as a staunch public defender of the faith and firm governor. Let's hope that it's just that he's a little slow off the mark himself, and that he gets the momentum that Bishop Finn is enjoying (meanwhile praying that Bishop Finn keeps that momentum, or better yet, increases it).

We're getting more and more reports of this sort of thing happening around the country--and it's comforting. After all, someone who is guilty of grave sin in the external forum (and while we don't know the particulars of Mr. Organ's private life, and don't care to know them, we can clearly recognize his level of participation and promotion of the gay subculture as a very grave scandal) is called to repentance. He had an opportunity, but he declined it. It would have been a grave scandal to let him continue. And it would have been a grave scandal to let the parishioners of St. Agnes think that such a thing must be ignored in charity, when it's a horrible breach of charity to let your brother persist in a situation which will bring death to his soul.

And one more thing, when you look at the letters that Wolftracker shows in his post, it's good to remind yourself that only a few decades ago, whatever evils our society tolerated then, there would be no similar outpouring of moral indifference. Only a few decades ago, every Christian sect, as well as Holy Mother Church, recognized the lifestyle Mr. Organ partakes in as something to be avoided and the activity around which that lifestyle centers as an abomination. Only a few decades before that, every Christian sect, not just Holy Mother Church, recognized the evil of contraception. Let us not ever lose sight of how quickly the Enemy works.


PS, A fantasy Church league? O what fun! Can you hear it: "Weakland's suffered a career-ending injury, and Trautman's been fading." "The trade of Wuerl for McCarrick is a desparate move to keep a progressive team together". And "I'll trade you your Tod Brown for a Vasa and an Olmstead!" "Mahoney's stats are putting XYZ out of the pennant race." Scouting reports have some more great talent coming out of the minors--the presbyteriate in Lincoln, Nebraska. But I digress.

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Alison said...

Archbishop Naumann did have an outstanding editorial about sodomy this week in The Leaven. He has held vigils outside abortion clinics. He had a public rally to affirm marriage. I'd also bet anything that he was completely behind the personnel changes at St. Agnes.