Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What's important at the USCCB?

When visiting the USCCB website for information on another post, I couldn't help but notice the LEAD article on the website. Now at a time when lots of important things are going on that will strengthen Holy Mother Church (the potential regularlization of the SSPX and the potential reunion of a large group of Anglicans), the USCCB won't have any of it. Instead, it features this:

Ch’an/Zen Catholic Dialogue Spreads ‘Welcome Table’ at Retreat

(I linked the permanent article, not the front page, above because I assume that it will all change in a day or two when they come up with some other goofy thing to put up.

"Rev Victoria" and "Rev Heng" must be loving all the attention they're getting, as must Sister Mary Ann (Sisters of Charity---surprised she's not an IHM or and RSM). I see we had a Bishop there, too. Bishop Wester of Salt Lake City. Well, I supppose Bp. Wester is used to hanging around people with some really strange religious beliefs, given where he's from.

Aren't you glad our Bishops are paying for this stupid stuff....excuse me...this EVIL stuff....while we're closing parishes and schools and convents around the country?

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CS said...

Wow, the USCCB site is chock full of important information critical to any Catholic's life!

'Rabbi Leon Klenicki Mourned as 'Pioneer' in Jewish-Catholic Relations'

Whoever he is...

'Life of Bees,' 'The Visitor,' 'Wall-E' Make USCCB Office for Film, Broadcasting
Top Ten List'

Disaster Movie and Space Chimps were robbed!

'Catholic Mobilizing Network to End the Death Penalty Collaborates with U.S. Bishops,
Abolition Groups'

St. Tookie Williams, pray for us.