Friday, August 01, 2008

Springtime of Vatican II in Boston

I'm on a business trip, and I had a few hours free last night and found myself in Boston's Chinatown, so I went by and took a few pictures of recently-closed Holy Trinity, a symbol of the wise episcopal governance and collegial papal deference that Boston has enjoyed over the last forty years.

How wonderful the aggiornamento has been! This is the traditional Latin Mass community met for a number of years, and it's my understanding that they were quite prepared to take over responsibility for the historic church(which, judging from the exterior, could stand a little work).

Of course, to allow those traditional folks to have their own place would have been unthinkable; they're not really a part of the larger Church, you know. And besides, Cardinal Sean might be able to make a few thousand dollars to throw at the buggery bill by selling it to some goofy New Agers who would....ironically....have a beautiful place to celebrate gay weddin's.

It was the announcement from the Diocese of Scranton, home of the North American FSSP headquarters, that the FSSP-served traditional personal parish be supressed or merged with a happy-clappy parish "to cope with the priest shortage" when the FSSP is probably the only institute in that diocese that actually produces plenty of religious vocations? I figured, having read that, that I'd venture a little bit and see the wreckage in Boston.

Isn't it something, how incredibly stupid we all are, in the eyes of the evil or incompetent men who've politicked their way into being our shepherds, and in the eyes of their crooked chancery rat handlers? And isn't it something, the money that can be made out of church closings when you team the chancery rats up with guys like Alan Meitler? Church closin' is good business, and business has been good in Boston, and Scranton, as it has been in the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas.


Curmudgeon said...

Having trouble uploading photos. Will try again later.


Alison said...


I have another question. What is a "personal" parish? I have wondered this for some time. I have even discussed with a canon lawyer etc. Don't ask me why I think you might know. I had wondered if they enjoyed some sort of special protection but apparently not. Thanks for any help you might be.

Also, please tell Mrs. Curmudgeon that however she managed to get the socks on your feet, we in the avid Catholic blog reading circles are so grateful.

Alison said...

I'm no fan of Meitler and just so you know they been advising here on the Missouri side.

Lynne said...

I believe they are appealing this 'decision' so please continue to pray for orthodox/traditional Catholics in Boston...

I can't tell you how much I miss this church.

Dust I Am said...

You might want to see Damian Thompson's report of English resistance to church closings here