Friday, August 26, 2005

Another Kansas City Blog

Well, I'll be darned. I found another Kansas City Catholic blogger. Haven't spent much time perusing his site, but from a very brief review, it's clear we don't share the same perspective on things.

Posted a comment on CS's blog in reaction to a statement he made about the Indult being the best friend the traddies could have. Yeah, it's OK here in Kansas City. We can live with it, especially now that we're blessed with Bp. Finn on the Missouri side. Can't say I would care for it if I were subject to the bishop of Springfield, Missouri or Dodge City or any of the other hundred-or-so dioceses that don't make any accommodation at all for the traddies' "rightful aspirations." Nor would I think much of it if I had to drive from Olpe, Kansas to get to Mass 70 miles away in Maple Hill, or from Maryville (or is it Marysville) Missouri down to Kansas City (over 100 miles). It's true that the indult brings people together from a wider geographic area, and the critical mass may be helpful at this rebuilding stage, but it's unjust for everyone who isn't within a few miles of a old Mass location. (and gosh, there's a lot more to be said on that topic).

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Todd said...

Thanks for the correction on Counsel/Sorrows. Being a transplant shows.